I am Semih Sarı

and I'm a web developer

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    I'm a freelance web developer with 10+ years of experience, based in Istanbul

    I had experience the opportunity for waterfall development, agile development and extreme programming methodologies. Utilize for waterfall development to Jira and Redmine user interfaces. I was many part of Waterfall in development process. Benefited again Jira and other than this IceScrum open source project for agile development. I was in that project scrum master or developer. I have been exprerienced by unit testing and functional testing. I started to do the sharing in the open source platforms (github / @semihs, @nocvp). I prefer to backend developments when i worked to many years with php, js, css etc… in that moment i got exprerince phthon golang java etc. high level languages. I understood when i use php that was not enough for concurrent jobs and cpu utilize. My favorite frameworks; Zend, Laravel and symfony for Php Django for Python !play for Java BeeGo, GoaDesing/Goa for GoLang JQuery and ExtJs for Javascript Bootstrap for CSS. In that tasks received , technical team management, customer relations management and development.

    • 40 mules and 40 lines? Which one :)

    My skills

    Luminary Senior Mid-Level Junior


    • PHP
    • Zend Framework
    • Symfony
    • Laravel
    • Codeigniter
    • Golang
    • Beego
    • Goa.design
    • Python
    • Django
    • Perl
    • Java
    • !Play Framework
    • Wowza
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • Sass/Less/Css
    • JavaScript
    • AngularJS
    • jQuery


    • Adobe Fireworks
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Gimp
    • Material Design
    • Responsive Web Design
    • UI/UX Design


    • Google Adwords
    • Google Analytics
    • Marketing Automation
    • Google Tag Manager
    • SEO Optimization
    • Linux
    • Git/Svn
    • Docker
    • Composer
    • Continues Integration
    • Unit Testing
    • Functional Testing

    Some of the projects

    Coming soon

    Contact me

    • Istanbul, Turkey

    • [email protected]

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    • Send me a message at [email protected]